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 -Corporate Wellness  I work with companies to create a wellness programs that are catered to the employees unique needs. This is based off a variety of topics.  The biggest problem I see in wellness programs, are the lack of participation from the employees.  This is a crucial part of my job, figuring out what the employees need wellness wise and what they are interested in learning.  Getting them interested and keeping them engaged in the program ensures success.  Our program provides a wide range of resources from podcasts, webinars, newsletters to facebook, instagram and twitter pages that are created for your employees on a weekly basis based off their requests to create more engagement and interest.

For lower budgets I am available to consult and assist a company in creating a program that you manage on your own for a one time fee.

– NLP/Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy   The obstacles that keep an individual from reaching their desired goals are located in the unconscious. I use NLP, Timeline and hypnotherapy to address these issues that basically wipe out negative beliefs, emotions and behavioral patterns that have been holding an individual back for years. Through these simple and effective techniques my clients are able to create their desired results easily and effortlessly.  By assisting clients become more conscious, addressing the root cause of their problems at the unconscious level and educating them on proper nutrition and fitness, my clients reach their goals much faster and the results become permanent.

– Personal Training

-Nutrition/Meal plans and Metabolic coaching

-Kundalini Yoga


Call to book an appointment or phone consultation.


Nutrition counseling, NLP and Timeline can be done online via skype, or over the phone.  All services can be in home, gym or outdoors.  Reduced rates for partner or group sessions.


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