There’s a huge disconnect between the fitness and wellness world. Supplementation can enhance physical performance while wreaking havoc inside the body.  Many believe they can’t reach their health and wellness goals because they’re too lazy.  The reality is they need mental, emotional and spiritual coaching.  Diets can aid in weight loss and muscle tone, while leading to an imbalanced gut, weakened immunity and increased inflammation (to name just a few). Fitness routines can burn fat and build muscle while draining you of energy and mentally burning you out.  This doesn’t have to be.  Reaching your health and wellness goals can be an enjoyable healing process. It’s possible to have the physique you desire and achieve balanced health in the process  This was the inspiration to educate others on how to combine all areas of wellness.  Tula Health and Wellness was born.

Tula is the Sanskrit word for balance. We address the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical in order to assist our clients achieve balance in their life.

If you’re are a business looking to provide wellness resource to your employees, or an individual looking to improve health, wellness and fitness, Tula is the right choice for you.

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