Plumtastic Fat Cat

n 001 It’s 8:00 A.M. and I have a few minutes before I need to leave the house,  so without much thought I grabbed 3 plums, some spinach and threw them in the blender.  I then  realized I hadn’t consumed any fats in the past couple of days so I tossed in half an avocado, hence the “fat cat” part of the title.  After adding ice, water and a tsp of stevia, I was in dork smoothie heaven.  I loved this so much that I’ve made it for three consecutive days.

August 2013 168Plums have some amazing health benefits, well I guess I would say that about any fruit or vegie,  except maybe iceburg lettuce.  One cup contains  2.3 g of fiber, 10% of your RDA for copper and 15% of your RDA for Vitamin C.  This fruit is great for antioxidant benefits because of the unique phytonutrients it contains.  Most notable is that research has discovered  plums have anti-cancerous benefits and blood cleansing abilities.  Make sure you’re eating a wide variety of fruits and vegies every week to get the full benefit that mother earth provides.

August 2013 169


-3 plums

-1/2 avacodo

-1 cup spinach

-1 cup ice

-3/4 cup water

-1 tsp stevia

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