Tropic Cinnamon Green Smoothie

cinamon smoothie 013

Okay So I do confess I am a bit of cheese dork, more specifically a goat cheese dork.  Now I’m starting to realize I can add smoothie dork to my resume as well.  If you’re wondering what constitutes this sort of character, well I dunno, but last night I did dream about creating a kale smoothie that consists of  the mango sitting in my fridge along with some sort of spice I’ve yet to  incorporate.  Yup!  Smoothie dork!

Well anyways, I immediately thought of cinnamon.  I knew it would enhance the mango flavor as well as give this blend a sweet woody fragrance.   Not only does it add great flavor and aroma, but cinnamon has some incredible health benefits as well.   As far as weight loss goes, this spice is perfect for suppressing the appetite and is well known for lowering blood sugar levels.

cinamon smoothie 019

Besides the lone mango I had yet to find use for, I also had a peach that I incorporated as well to give this drink a little more sweetness.  After cutting up the fruit I decided I wanted it to be a tropical blend, but didn’t have any coconut milk and oil would have added too many calories.  I had some unsweetened coconut flakes and threw about a tablespoon on the fruit and it was just enough to give it that tropical flavor I was going for, while only adding an extra 35 calories.

nnn 001

The Kale I store in my freezer because I am finding I never end up utilizing all my greens before they go bad, especially kale.

cinamon smoothie 009

Surprisingly it was pretty light and fluffy for being stored in the freezer and really didn’t look any different than if I had pulled it from the fridge.  Oh no!  I’m a Kale nerd too.  Man I’m really dorkin out with this smoothie today.

So after giving it a little taste I was craving a little more sweetness this morning so I added some stevia which was the perfect addition to create the smoothie of my dreams.  Literally.


1 mango

1 small peach

1 Tbl unsweetened coconut flakes

1 1/2 -2 cups of Kale

1 tsp of fresh grated cinnamon bark

1 tsp stevia granules

2 cups water.  Add more or less depending on desired consistency

1 cup ice cubes

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