3 reasons to avoid almond flour-

almondOne of the biggest struggles I see with clients in regards to their diet, is the craving for bread.  So many  have grown accustomed to toast for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and some sort of roll with dinner, so to just yank this comfort food out of the  diet overnight is almost impossible.  That is why moving from whole wheat bread to paleo bread is a better alternative while retraining the  taste buds to remove bread completely.

Paleo bread purchased on-line or at a health food store can run you 7 or more dollars, that is why it is much more economical to bake it at home.  The flour used is either almond or coconut flour.  This article will list 3 reasons to use coconut flour instead.

coconut flour

1 Almond flour is Loaded with omega 6 fatty acids

Many do not understand the health risks associated with these particular fatty acids, so I will list a few reasons to keep these to a minimum in the diet

-They slow down the metabolism

-Increase inflammation in the body dramatically, which is breeding ground for sickness  and disease.

-Impairs digestive enzymes

-Slows thyroid function

-Deplete antioxidants in the body

-Increase estrogen

Coconut flour on the other hand is dramatically lower in omega 6 fatty acids

2 Almond flour creates free radicals

When the fatty acids in almond flour are heated they chemically change and become oxidized fatty acids which in turn leads to free radicals in the body.

When coconut flour is heated it does not oxidize.  In fact it can retrain its natural chemical structure at much higher heats.

3 Almonds are high in oxalates

Three things this leads to

– Kidney stones

– Weaker bones

– Increase in blood pressure

Oxalates are not a concern when consuming coconut flour.

There are many paleo bread recipes on the internet.  I find it best to experiment with a few to find one that works for you. This bread is dairy, wheat, nut and soy free, which in my opinion makes it the perfect transition bread while moving in the direction of raw bread.  Raw food contains a higher content of nutrients and most importantly enzymes which assists the body in performing in its highest capacity.  While some may not desire to take their diet that far, they will in the very least be wheat free which is a huge step toward better health.  To read more about the danger of wheat in your diet click here 


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